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Our Purpose

Happy Friends

The Mission

The mission of Faith That Works, LLC is to provide          ladies ages 12-90 years old with a biblical application to everyday life experiences- particularly, with encouragement and support through relationships, weekly prayers, and mentors. FTW is designed to provide Christian apparel through faith.  We strive to provide empowering communication and inspiration to help ladies navigate and keep balance in their lives.  Our goal is to inspire others to achieve great things, to thrive in this journey in life, and learn life lessons along the way. 

Happy Couple

The Vision

Our vision is to help every woman build a fulfilling life, and to assist and help ladies navigate and conquer life's daily issues.  We aim to inspire positive change through prayer, daily gems of encouragement through marriage and counseling sessions, assisting single parents, conversations with current and former athletes. We are life changers and that is our endeavor to be a life changer to the world. 

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